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In 2007, nearly 23,000 people were injured in collisions with trucks, semis, and tractor trailers. More than 800 people lost their lives in fatal truck crashes in the United States.

In 2007, 14 states saw an increase in fatal traffic accidents: Colorado, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alaska, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, Utah, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio and the District of Colombia.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury, or lost a loved one in a crash with a truck or tractor trailer, you need legal help to ensure you receive a fair settlement for your losses.

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Investigating Truck Accidents

Whenever a truck accident results in catastrophic injuries to a passenger in another vehicle - especially when it results in death - it is imperative to work with a personal injury attorney who has experience investigating and handling truck accident cases. Interstate trucks are subject to a complex set of federal regulations. Our experienced lawyers understand those regulations and understand how to investigate your case.

Who is Responsible?

Truck accidents involve multiple parties and knowing who is responsible can be unclear; the driver may work for one company, the tractor and trailer may be owned by another company, and leased to yet another entity and there may be an issue of how the truck was loaded (yet another company?) and there may be additional vehicles involved in the accident, in addition to the state where the accident occurred being potentially responsible for improper design or maintenance of the roadway.

At America's Personal Injury Attorneys, we fight vigorously to protect your rights and pursue compensation. Whether you suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident or other auto accident, it is important that you understand what to do when you are injured and what to do after a car accident. At America's Personal Injury Attorneys, a skilled car accident lawyer in your area can assist you in obtaining fair compensation.

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